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Special Products

UPVC Surface Protect

Whether it is a building construction project, commercial project or product manufacturing project, stainless steel plate is an expensive part of any project. We understand that an unsightly srcathes on the steel surface can downgrade a product’s appearance, therefore, we also provide our clients with surface protection film product. Our UPVC surface protect has been designed to protect the plate’s surface during the process of fabrication; break forming, drilling, plasma cutting, shipping, and installing.

Floor Plate Stainless Steel

Floor plate stainless steel has been used widely in various industries over the years, ideally, where
working areas are slippery due to the accumulation of moistures, fluids or other liquid substances.
Its anti-slippery surface is essential for working-safety regulation, and its anti-corrosive condition is
applicable for any environment e.g. pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry.

Popular applications for floor plate include; ramps, work platforms, loading platforms, steps and stairs,
inspection stations and dock boards.

Available grade: 304

Available thickness: 3mm (4mm include the formed pattern)